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Buon giorno and welcome to! is easier to navigate than a Fiat making its way through rush-hour traffic in the heart of Rome! Take a look at what we have to offer for your next trip to Italy, and learn how easy and enjoyable train travel is on Italy’s railway, you will not be disappointed! Book Italian rail passes, train tickets and reservations or check out maps.


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For travel within 2 cities or less in Italy, a point-to-point ticket will probably work best in comparison to a rail pass. Easily connect from one city to the next without waiting in line at the railway station in Italy.

Popular routes: Time*:
Rome to Florence 1 hr 35 min
Rome to Venice 4 hrs 36 min
Rome to Naples 1 hr 35 min
Rome to Bologna 2 hrs 45 min
Rome to Milan 4 hrs 30 min

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Considering a trip into another country? Travel with ease to other countries using various high-speed and overnight train lines.

Popular routes: Time*:
Turin to Lyon 3 hrs 35 min
Milan to Zurich 3 hrs 38 min
Rome to Paris 14 hrs 30 min
overnight train
Florence to Paris

12 hrs 17 min
overnight train

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Most Popular Italian Rail Passes:
Italy Pass
Italy Rail 'n Drive Pass
Italy-Spain Pass

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Exploring a few cities within Italy? offers rail passes in single, youth and saver versions. Travel throughout Italy with a railpass with ultimate flexibility and convenience. With your railpass in hand, simply sit back and enjoy the scenery from the train window.

As an authority on rail travel in Italy, we developed this site to share our extensive knowledge with travelers to Italy looking to use the railway. We can help find the best option for your itinerary, whether you’re exploring all of Italy, or just looking to travel from Rome to Venice by train. Let us assist with getting the perfect pass or ticket for your trip on the Italian railway!
As most everyone knows, Italy is a country known for fine cuisine and delectable wines. What you may not know is that Italy has an extensive rail network providing many high-speed routes. By taking advantage of Italian railway travel, you can easily have breakfast, lunch and dinner in different regions of Italy! What better way to explore a country than indulging in its culinary delights and being whisked away by train to the next meal?

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