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Travel By Train in Florence

When traveling to Italy, chances are the Tuscany region is a stop on the itinerary. Whether tasting fine Chianti, or photographing the gorgeous landscape, there is much to see and do in this region of Italy. Florence is the capital of this region of Italy. Millions of travelers visit Florence each year wanting to get their fill of fine food and spectacular art. Aside from Florence, this region offers much to see and do.

Florence - 1 hour 18 minutes away from Rome by train
Florence is considered to be the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance and evidence of this period is easily found today. With train stations centrally located, travelers arrive in the middle of the city ready to explore this magnificent city. View tons of art, in Florence, from Michelangelo's David, Brunelleschi's amazing cathedral dome, Giotto's Frescoes in Santa Croce and of course the Uffizi Galleries, quite possibly the world's most esteemed collection of Renaissance artwork including Da Vinci's Annunciation and Botticelli's Birth of Venus. Aside from spectacular artwork, there is the stunning architecture to embrace as well as mouth-watering cuisine to indulge in. You will definitely want to spend a bit of time in Florence during your travels in Italy.

Assisi - Just over 1 hour 50 minutes away from Florence by train
Above the plain where the Topino and Chiascio rivers flow, behold Assisi, stretched out on the slopes of Monte Subasio. There are two castles to be seen in Assisi, the Major Castle and the Minor Castle, both found on the peak of the mountain. Of course you'll want to visit the basilica of St. Francis on your visit, as no trip to Assisi would be complete without seeing it! The beauty Assisi possesses is not hard to find, visitors will fall in love with its breath-taking scenery, a terrific destination to travel to on your next trip to Italy.

Bologna - 35 minutes away from Florence by train
Why is it that St. Catherine's mummy and the relic of St. Dominic are sights to see here? Chalk it up to Bologna having Europe's oldest (c.1063) medical school. This proud college town is however, at its bones, an architecturally stunning city and Italy's gastronomic center. Maybe it's because we associate b-o-l-o-g-n-a with shrink-wrapped lunchmeat that this gorgeous place isn't overrun with tourists. Don't overlook this gem, situated between Venice and Florence, travel to Bologna next time you're in Italy.

Bergamo - 48 minutes away from Milan by train
Bergamo would appear to be off the tourist radar. This walled town lies along the route for those visiting Italy's northern lake country between Milan and Verona. Though the outskirts of Bergamo may appear to have little to offer (with the exception of the Carrara Academy housing a collection of Renaissance masters) once you enter through the 16th-century Venetian portals you're in for a treat! As visitors enter the old part of town they will find shiny cobblestone streets that lead to the Piazza del Duomo, which is as superbly sized as any in northern Italy. Also view the stunning Piazza Vecchia, with its 12th-century bell tower and lovely fountain. Beyond the Piazza there are winding narrow streets with locals all about. You'll soon notice that the farther away you get from the city center, the quieter it becomes behind the antique walls.

Milan - 1 hour 30 minutes away from Florence by train
Milan is considered to be Europe's creative capital. Worldly pleasures are what visitors and locals alike thrive on in Milan. Shopping, theatre and cinema flourish in this fashionable metropolis of Italy. Milan also has a spectacular nightlife to enjoy with club hopping and a slew of tempting restaurants and bars, fun-seekers will not run out of evening entertainment. There are a few tourist highlights to see however, Milan is not credited for its looks; its lifestyle is what draws people in! Here are some things not to be missed, the Duomo, a fantastic Gothic structure topped by the Maddonina (our little Madonna), and of course, La Scala, one of the world's great opera houses.

Siena - 1 hour 18 minutes away from Florence by train
Siena may have lost its battle with Florence, but it still reigns supreme with its magnificent medieval architecture, colorful Palio race and maize-shaded landscape dotted with cypress trees. Siena is made up of 17 contradas (neighborhoods), each with its own church, insignia, fountain, patron saint and geographical boundaries that were set in 1729. Take a trip back in time, under the Tuscan sun, where the roofs are colored like burnt sienna and the wide-open piazza del campo offers a perfect sky-blue view. Travel to Siena on your next trip to Italy.


Florence - Basilica
Florence - Basilica

Italian Delicacies
Italian Delicacies

Milan - Il Duomo
Milan - Il Duomo

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