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Travel By Train in Venice

Visitors to Italy should not leave Venice off their travel itineraries. Using Venice as a base, travelers can make their way to Como and Verona and other nearby surrounding towns and villages in Italy.

Venice - 1 hour 53 minutes away from Florence by train
Few places in Italy experience the lack of downtime that Venice has. At any point during the year Venice is packed with travelers! Aside from gazing at the canals, or hopping in a gondola for a more intimate view of Venice, visitors should take time to meander. Get lost in the magical maze of canals and streets as the surrounding landmarks pass by. The sights encompassing the Piazza San Marco are beyond beautiful but tucked away treasures found on the backstreets are just as captivating. The best time to travel to Venice is from late March into May. In the spring there are less crowds and the weather is great in Italy! With the Santa Lucia train station located right in the center of Venice, simply hop off the train and get ready to explore!

Como - 55 minutes away from Milan by train
Como is the perfect spot to travel, in Italy, for a bit of tranquility after traveling to Milan. With its Mediterranean foliage and snow-covered peaks, Como offers a calm and serene setting. In the center of the Old Town, is the Piazza San Fedele with its many 400 year-old buildings. The architecture is fantastic. Be sure to see the basilica, one of the masterpieces of the Maestri Comacini (Masters of Como). Standing atop the Via Cantý is the old wall's most extravagant standing tower, the Porta Vittoria. Close by is the somber church of San Abbondio. Stop and tour or have a rest in the cloisters, then go up the hill behind it to the top of the Baradello Tower. From this angle be sure to photograph the amazing view of the entire lake. There are a great many things to see and do in Como; it's a perfect spot for a family outing or day trip.

Verona - 1 hour 20 minutes away from Venice by train
Well known for Shakespeare's masterpiece Romeo and Juliet, Verona is by far one of the most beloved cities in Italy. In this small town you can stroll through the streets and become intoxicated with the feeling of romance lingering in the air. You can actually visit the famed balcony Romeo scaled in the name of love. View the tomb of Juliet and leave a note inside, a tribute to her memory. Not a star-crossed lover? No worries, Verona offers something for everyone. Verona is the second biggest city in Veneto Italy. Be sure to visit the Roman Amphitheater, more commonly known as The Arena. Originally built outside the walls of Verona, in the 3rd century the walls were extended to include the Arena. The opera stage in the Arena is the largest in the world. There are two bridges that are worth a look, the Ponte Scaligero for a beautiful view, and the Ponte Pietra, a roman era bridge over the Adige River. For beautiful views and an exquisite art collection, stop by the Castelvecchio (the Old Castle). After a long day of sightseeing, take a break in the Piazza del Signori, the central square. There is much to see in Verona, most can be seen in a day, but take some time and spend a few days in this lovely town.




Venice - St. Mark's SquareVenice - St. Mark's Square

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